These New Affordable Noise Cancelling Earbuds Are Just as Good as the Super Expensive Ones – and Even Better…

29/05/2023 | Scotty Patterson

Summary: A European tech startup has decided they have had enough with the premium price gouging on the quality earbuds market. They discovered they could easily provide you with the same features and quality, for less than half the price. And it’s all because they don’t print some big brand logo on it. It’s already blowing up on social media and we are here to see if there is any truth to the hype. Order Your AudioHall Pro now 50% off and with free delivery while it’s still in stock…

Are you looking at the price tags of the big Bluetooth earbud brands and trying to understand what about them justifies the asking price? Do you hate it when they keep falling off when you run or work out, or your ears literally hurting from how uncomfortable the design is? Do you like crisp and clear sound and music quality? Well the answer to all these questions is a new set of Bluetooth earbuds, keep reading to find out more.

Let’s face it. 2020 was rough. Nobody can afford to spend premium prices on essential gadgets nowadays. 2021 needs something everyone can afford.

That was the mindset of the European tech startup behind this new pair. They took apart the big brand earbuds to see if there was a more affordable way to make them. To their surprise, they discovered the actual parts that add up to premium earbuds, aren’t actually that expensive.

And they set out to make their own version, and see how hard they could break the market…

What are we talking about?

They named them the AudioHall Pro, the result of using some of the best European tech wizards to reverse engineer premium earbuds from the ground up. Something the Chinese have been doing to big international tech companies for years now, except this time it’s done with European quality standards.

The AudioHall Pro have all the features you’d find in any set of premium earbuds. From crisp sound quality to water resistance and active noise canceling. The quality is impressive and the price tag is making the big brands really, really anxious.

It’s no wonder then that the earbuds have been exploding all over social media lately, so we’re here to jump on the hype wagon and answer one simple question:


What makes the AudioHall Pro so special?

The most surprising discovery the startup had, was that the base parts of most premium earbuds, don’t actually add up to the final unreasonable price. Not even half of it. So what’s going on? Are the big brands paying some Swiss watchmaker to assemble them individually by hand? Advertising and physical store upkeep? Packaging?! Or maybe the ink they use to print their big brand logo onto the earbud case is made of literal gold.

Either way, the European’s decided they would take a page out of China’s book, and reverse engineer the premium earbuds to make their own. But they weren’t just making a cheap knockoff. They were taking the same parts, the same quality of materials, adding European quality control, and some spicy extras that frankly all earbuds should have had to begin with.

The AudioHall Pro is the magnum opus of this effort. It’s actually the second version. The non-“Pro” ones were a testing prototype to see if anything needed to be changed or added. They took the feedback to heart, and now the AudioHall Pro give you everything any big premium earbuds give you, and more:

Active Noise Cancelling Technology – Until now active noise cancelling was only available on the expensive earphone models. Now thanks to AudioHall Pro noise cancelling technology became available and affordable to anyone.

High quality HD stereo sound – Obviously the most important part of the earbuds, and the AudioHall Pro leave up to the term “premium sound”

Surround Sound – feel like you’re in an actual music Hall, surrounded by the music you love listening to.

Perfect Music Reproduction – no distortion or change. Just the music you love as if it wasn’t flying through the air to reach the devices in your ear.

Qaulcomm aptX HD – only the best parts and materials went in to create the AuidoHall Pro.

Digital Battery Display – no need for an app or thinking how long you have left. The case tells you exactly how much battery remains. Now this is quality of life right there.

Large capacity battery with fast charge – plus an impressive 800mAh battery for up to 50 total playback hours.

Bluetooth 5.0 – the best and most stable connection for uninterrupted quality listening.

Ergonomic – no need to worry anymore about it them flopping out or injuring your ear with rough plastic. The AudioHall Pro are incredibly comfortable.

Water resistant IPX7

But the most important feature of the AudioHall Pro, is the price. Now, normally they’d cost you 148 €. Still close to half as much as some big brand premium earbuds. More than enough to start breaking the market. But it gets better. Much better. The startup REALLY wants to stick it to the big manufacturers, and decided to have the global launch accompanied with a massive 50% and free international shipping! So that everyone everywhere knows they don’t have to pay so much for a quality device! You can now get your AudioHall Pro for as little as 74€.

We are big fans of companies that deliver quality products with price tags everyone can afford, and the AudioHall Pro are definitely one of them. Help stick it to the big guys and get quality premium earbuds. It’s a win-win in our books. Get them quick before the sale ends.

Don’t just take our word for it! These people loved the AudioHall Pro:

“I’m a bit of a gadget hipster. I get them before they become cool. I was actually one of the testers for the original not “Pro” version and frankly I loved those more than enough to choose them over any of the mainstream ones, but somehow they made the Pro even better. They implemented ergonomic changes to make them more comfortable for long use. Highly recommended.”

“I asked my mom for to buy me a pair of fancy airpods. She was like ‘we have some at home’. I was really mad, but when I got home and tried these… honestly other than bragging I don’t see why I’d need the expensive ones. These work amazing.”

“My old expensive earphones fell down the toilet. I know I know it’s my fault. I’m dumb. But I didn’t have money to buy new ones and lord knows toilet water damage is not under warranty. I was about to buy some cheap Chinese ones out of desperation but then stumbled upon a story that showcased these. They had me, hook, line and sinker, and honestly, they were even better than my old ones! Why are we paying so much when we can have good things for half the price?!”


Conclusion: Should you get AudioHall Pro?

We’re going to assume you just skipped to this part, so we’ll just say yes. 100%. Seriously though, the AudioHall Pro are an impressive pair of earbuds and we implore you, nay, we beseech you to stop paying premiums for fancy logos. That’s literally where your money goes. You’re paying extra for ink. Get yourself a pair of these amazing earbuds. 


  • Active Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Big Battery Life of 50 Playback Hours
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable
  • Perfect Music Reproduction
  • Studio Quality Dual Microphones for Perfect Phone Calls
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.


How to Get the AudioHall Pro?


Now that you know you don’t have to pay a premium price for premium earbuds, you must be itching to get your hands on a pair, so here’re the simple steps:

Step 1: We recommend ordering original AudioHall Pro from the official website here.

Step 2: Put them in, turn on some music and enjoy some crisp music and ergonomic comfort.

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